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Thank you friends at Anglian


It all got a bit much on friday leaving Anglian, I’ve made some really good friends and it was really hard to leave.
But it’s really nice to know how truly kind some of the people in the office there are.

Unfortunately there are a few that are less so.


Whisky and VW Camper Model

I’m really honoured to have been associated with some of the really great people there. And to all those, thank you for contributing to the collection. I know many of you have had real terms pay reductions of these last few years, so that make it even more special.

To those that I leave, good luck and hopefully things will improve soon.

I’m leaving with a mix of emotions, sadness to be leaving you, but on the other hand excited at the extra money and new job.

Until we catch up again, hopefully soon.

Thank you all.

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