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13th Anniversary today – Lace


This day 13 years ago we were preparing for the biggest day of our lives. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but looking at our men I guess it has to be.

Happy anniversary darling, here’s to another 13 years 😉

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Silly Faces


Nothing better than joining in on some childish fun. It’s a rule we love to uphold.

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Boys meet their new cousin


The boys were so excited to meet their new cousin, they adore babies and were not disappointed.



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Martin’s 50th Birthday – Poole, Dorset


Martin, our neighbour (that left us with some really lovely new neighbours, cheers Martin) had his 50th Birthday party and we got an invite, would have been rude not to go, so had a weekend down on the Jurassic Coast.

It was a really nice party, the boys really enjoyed meeting old friends and playing.

It was also a really good excuse to go exploring this fine country again.

After a great nights sleep we set off for a great adventure along the south coast. Big man was desperate to find a dinosaur, little optimistic but worth a try.

After some driving we ended up in Charmouth for some fossil hunting, nothing big, but we did find some of our own. That was really exciting, even I got the bug. But it sure can wear the arm out all that rock breaking.

After a long day on the beach we explored the coast heading roughly in a homeward direction, and came across this lovely little village.

What a great weekend, loads of sun, fun and smiles.

That’s how we do weekends.

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Protected: Display unit


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Guys at work save some ducklings


Some of the guys from one of the departments across the room have saved a family of ducks that got into trouble in our car park.

Good on them.

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Picnic in the forest – Lynford Wood


Nicola thought it would be nice to have an evening picnic.

So we picked Tyler up from cubs then off to watch the sun go down. Drinking tea and eating toast, cheap and easy, perfect.


The boys ran themselves ragged and we relaxed, wonderful evening and no TV.


Tonight was a great idea and a lot of fun, boys are fast asleep. I won’t see them before work, but that’s fine, they are cutest when they’re quiet (sorry I should have said asleep)

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Silverstone Classis Car Show


Another very long day at the office. 12-13 hrs again, but it could be worse, it’s not double glazing any longer.


Had to deliver some display boards and reccie our show presence. Wow, Silverstone is a big place on foot carrying stuff even when its light.

The Fairground looked amazing but the grass was very wet

Shame the boys weren’t here, they’d love it

Now this was a bedroom wall classic for many of my mates, guarantee none eventually owned one

This is one I wish I could own, Dad might have some views on this one.

Not the quickest Lambo, but nice (if your into your tractors)

And, what your expect from a Lambo

One famous person I bumped into “Big Chris”

Some of the most aggressive racing of the day, all amateurs

Nice little Aston Martin, I’d still be happy with it, even if Mr Bond might not.

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Gangster boys, from Newquay


Ann returned from her holiday in Newquay and returned with nice things.
Scrumpy and clotted cream scones for us, and fleeces jackets for the boys. And they went all gangster on me.


And the back

Looking good, perfect fit.

Scones were good, all gone that night, and the scrumpy is on for tonight.

Oh, the Scrumpy is GOOD.

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Anglian present completed


After being given the VW Camper from the gang in the office at Anglian, I managed to get some time to put it together this morning.

I was really pleased how good it looked, thanks Louie it was a really nice gift, and looks fantastic.

This is something for my new desk, cheers, I’ll always remember the guys (and girls) at Anglian.