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Robin Hood, auditions


Our two little men try out for a career in robbing the rich and giving to the poor. Take from Grandad and give to Dad 😉

They might be bad at the stealing bit, but the archery is pretty good.

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West Midland Safari Park – Big Adventure


A great weekend took and even more eventful turn at West Midland Safari Park, but that’s for later.

We decided to take a weekend break and go to the safari park, done Woburn Abbey and Whipsnade, Longleat was too far, so thought we’d do a different one this time. So we book a night into a Premier Inn, which is always a safe bet, good nights sleep and a great breakfast (not the cheapest, but one of the best (for the budget at least). We’d chosen close to WMSP so we got their nice and early, one of the first 50 cars.

I was really impressed, nice set-up and looked great, unfortunately the moneys had been taken away, probably because the destroyed cars, but that’s the most fun. Oh well, I was to have enough fun soon anyway, regardless of the missing apes.

West Midland Safari Deer Park
The Deer Park

West Midland Safari Park White Lion
Nice signage

West mIdland Safari Park White Lion
The famous white lion

Now all the animals were great, healthy, well signposted/described and friendly, however are weekend was going to be more eventful than a few exotic animals.
We’d just left the fierce animal pens and gone into the large plains animal pen, elephant, giraffe, cattle etc and we’d got round the first bend and parked next to our friend the “big cow”. That’s when it all went bad. I parked up next to our new friend, when I pulled off (a very trick hill start) I stalled, done it few times before, but this time it wouldn’t restart.
After a few minutes we gestured to the ranger in the landrover and they came over. She (yes, she) was great discussed the problem and called for assistance. A second lady ranger arrived, more discussions, still no car working. Eventually it was agreed to tow us out, embarrassing but what a claim to fame “being towed from a safari park enclosure”. After a wild ride behind the landrover (they go like stink) we got out, 30 mins later the RAC fixed the simple problem. But we didn’t want to risk going back in, once if fun, twice is stupidity.

WMSP is a great place the staff are brilliant and the facilities and animals are superb. Worth the visit, even if you do break down in with the animals.

West mIdland Safari Park Big Cow
The last animal we pulled up against under our own power